July 22nd, 2015

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Прошёл год


24 июля в 18.00, в годовщину приговора Удальцову и Развозжаеву по делу «6 мая 2012 года», состоится митинг за освобождение активистов Левого Фронта Сергея Удальцова и Леонида Развозжаева

Митинг пройдет у памятника «Героям Революции 1905-1907 годов» на площади Краснопресненской заставы (ст. м. «Улица 1905 года»).

Участники акции намерены потребовать освобождения всех преследуемых по политическим мотивам активистов и привлечь к ответственности подлинно виновных лиц, среди которых, по мнению независимого общественного расследования, есть представители власти и правоохранительных органов.
Митинг согласован с московскими властями.

О своем участии в акции заявили: «Объединенная коммунистическая партия – ОКП», «Союз Коммунистической молодежи – СКМ», «Межрегиональное объединение коммунистов – МОК», ОД «Московский Совет» и др.

+7(903)294-91-44 Денис Зоммер


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Выкладываю итоговые материалы 3-й евросредиземноморской конференции. Финальная резолюция


3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference, Athens, Greece, 18-20 July 2015

           Solidarity to the people of Greece!
Down with the troika of the EU/ECB/IMF!

   The capitalists should pay for the crisis of their system!
Break with the Tsipras leadership and its co-thinkers everywhere!
For an internationalist revolutionary solution to the crisis!

                                Final resolution

    We, participants in the 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference, convened in Athens, Greece by the Balkan Socialist Center “Christian Rakovsky” and the RedMed network on July 18-20, 2015, call the international working class and all the oppressed  all over the world to mobilize and express in action their solidarity with the Greek workers and popular masses under  continuous and escalating attack by the hated  imperialist troika of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

      We denounce the new barbaric “bailout program” of social cannibalism imposed  on Greece by the troika  led by the CDU/SPD German government of Merkel/ Schäuble/Gabriel with the complicity of all the other European capitalist governments.

    We salute the on-going heroic resistance of the Greek workers and poor, particularly of the young generation, manifested powerfully in the mass mobilization of July the 3rd and the triumph of the NO by 62 per cent of the vote in the Referendum against the blackmail of the imperialist “institutions” and the unprecedented campaign of intimidation by all media, nationally and internationally, and the closure of the Greek banks by the ECB.

     We condemn unequivocally the betrayal of the popular will expressed in the victory of NO/OXI and the capitulation of the Tsipras coalition government of Syriza and ANEL by signing an even worse “austerity program”, condemned, politically and economically, to fail.

       We stand by all the working class and popular forces, within and outside Syriza, in their rejection of the shameful pact of surrender to the gangsters of global capital turning Greece into a protectorate of the EU ruled by a government of the “willing” purged from all left opposition, undemocratic and hostage to the forces of bourgeois reaction, at home and abroad.

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Резолюция 3-й евросредиземноморской конференции по массовому убийству в Суруче


Condemn the Suruç massacre!
Find, prosecute and punish the perpetrators!
Down with ISIL and its allies in Turkey!
Hold Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government responsible!

On this day of 20 July 2015, dozens of people, more than 50 on some counts, lost their lives as a result of an attack by a suicide bomber in the town of Suruç, province of Urfa in Turkey, just across the border from the Kobane canton of Rojava, the autonomous political entity of Western Kurdistan established in 2012 in the north of Syria. This was an attack on the youth group of the ESP, one of the component forces of the umbrella party HDP (the People’s Democracy Party), which won 13 per cent of the popular vote in the 7 June 2015 elections and caused the party of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the AKP in power, a serious setback. From this vantage point, this attack appears as a new addition to the long list of carefully planned attacks on the HDP during the election campaign, culminating in the bomb attack on the demonstration in the city of Diyarbakır two days before election day, which left four people dead.

The 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference, bringing together parties, organisations and militants from 17 countries on four continents in an internationalist meeting in Athens, Greece on 18-20 July 2015, severely condemns the attack and demands that everything possible be done to prosecute and punish the perpetrators and the instigators. The Conference notes that this attack on the HDP is also unambiguously an attack on the Kurdish people and those who act in solidarity with it.  Recalling the horrible attack on Kobane by the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) only a month ago, on 25 June, which left 146 civilians dead, and the fact that another powerful bomb exploded, on the same day as this recent massacre in Suruç, in Kobane itself, it can be said without risk of error that the force behind this new massacre is again the ISIL, either directly or through its takfiri allies in Turkey. This barbaric organisation, in turn, has been used by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP government as its lever in their struggle for greater power in the Middle East and also in pursuit of their aim of putting an end to the experience of Kurdish autonomy in Kobane.

The Conference declares that it is unconditionally on the side of the oppressed Kurdish nation in its quest for its national rights in the context of the partition, dating from almost a century back, of Kurdistan into four parts (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria). It also declares its support to all the revolutionary and progressive forces in Turkey, Syria and Iraq who are fighting against the barbaric ISIL. It further states unequivocally its belief that unless Erdoğan and the AKP government in Turkey are brought down in Turkey, the ISIL will enjoy support from Turkey and through this country, with which Syria shares a 900-kilometer long frontier, from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in terms of logistics, finance, arms, health care for its combatants, and the flow of militants over the border. Erdoğan and the AKP government have been caught red-handed in the repeated cases of raids by the security forces of Turkey itself on the TIR lorries of the MIT, the Turkish intelligence organisation, in which arms caches headed to ISIL or other takfiri/sectarian armed groups were discovered. All of these cases were later covered up through the arbitrary decisions of the Turkish judiciary under Erdoğan’s control, but the evidence is incontrovertible.

The Conference extends its support to all the forces that are fighting against Erdoğan and the despotic AKP government in a consistent manner, in particular to the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP), and warns against the dire consequences that may result from all kinds of prevarication and hesitation on the question of the struggle against these forces.
Our solidarity goes first and foremost of course to the Kurdish people, who are fighting valiantly for their freedom and dignity.

Smash the ISIL and its reactionary war-lord entity!
Bring down Erdoğan and the AKP government!
Recognise unconditionally the right to self-determination of the Kurds!
Forward to a Socialist Federation of the Middle East and North Africa!

20 July 2015
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Самый молодой коммунист


Итак, 88-летний Иосиф Григорьевич Абрамсон   -   самый старший участник нашей афинской конференции  "Революционная альтернатива кризису Евросоюза".   А вот, познакомьтесь,  младший:

конфа Ясен.jpg         конфа Ясен болгарка турчанка.jpg

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Ответила на вопрос "Свободной прессы", что имела в виду газета The Times


Во вторник, 22 июля в Минске параллельно с заседаниями рабочих подгрупп прошла встреча Трехсторонней контактной группы по урегулированию кризиса в Донбассе. В переговорах принимал участие действующий председатель ОБСЕ, глава МИД и вице-премьер Сербии Ивица Дачич. «Мы твердо поддерживаем усилия по поиску политического решения; все остальное просто не вариант», — приводятся в сообщении ОБСЕ слова Дачича, сказанные на встрече.

По сообщению ряда СМИ, в рабочей группе по безопасности согласовали планы отвода танков и некоторых орудий по определенному временному графику. Однако, как заявил представитель ОБСЕ в контактной группе Мартин Сайдик, соглашение об этом не было подписано на встрече контактной группы. В то же время полпред ДНР на переговорах Денис Пушилин заявил, что главы народных республик подпишут это соглашение уже в ближайшее время.

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Видеоконференция Афины - Москва


В рамках 3-й Евросредиземноморской конференции в Афинах прошла скайп-конференция с товарищами из России и экс-Украины.

Российские товарищи выходили в эфир из штаба Объединенной Коммунистической Партии.   Афинскую конференцию приветствовали профессор МГУ, руководитель движения "Альтернативы" Александр Бузгалин, секретарь ЦК ОКП Денис Зоммер,  председатель Союза политэмигрантов и политзаключенных Украины Лариса Шеслер,  член руководства СППУ Сергей Моисеев и другие.  Огромное спасибо тов. Павлу Зотову за синхронный перевод.